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“We Build Business with our hands,We win Clients with our hearts”

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Resting high on hillside overlooking the Mother City in all its glory, with Table Mountain rising majestically to the south, ORIENTAL SPA is perched on the second floor of the Cape Grandeur Guest House where each individual will luxuriate in a true paradise of relaxation and tranquility.

Our  peaceful oasis high above the city offers a penetrating soft fragrance reminiscent of a dewy, majestic tranquil forest in a paradise where all trial and tribulations of modern life melt into peaceful serenity. Spacious treatment rooms in calming tones reflect the sea and sky of Cape town far below as you float effortlessly and serenity into a state of blissfulness with the artful hands of an expert in therapy, magically opening doors to tranquility.

Our Spa is acclaimed for focusing on finding innovative ways to elevate energy and inner peace by allowing each individual to combine authentic and effective treatments with a place to spend time alone or with friends a setting that elevates the spirit. 

Our commitment to your complete rejuvenation will bring a new zest to your life as you embrace a serenity in that quite inner place at the centre of your being where you can hear the whisper of your soul. You will leave us with a new spirit that has quieted your mind and allowed you to erect a barrier against anything that will intrude on your peace as you embrace a stillness in time suspended in sweet tranquility where you float effortlessly.


Where healing hands play a symphony of relaxation that makes the spirit soar

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WhatsApp: 081 412 3291 | Mobile: 066 138 8649
Email: booking@orientalspa.capetown

16 Jim Fouche Avenue
Plattekloof 1
Hours: Mon-Sat: 09:00-19:00
Sundays: 10:00 – 16:00

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